Ways to Become a Better Driver

You just purchased a new car from Reno Tahoe Auto Group… Now it’s time to perfect your driving skills so you can keep that car in great condition for years to come!

Know the rules of the road: Re-acquaint yourself with the DMV Driver Handbook. Downloading the Driver’s Handbook PDF from your DMV’s website will shed light on those murky rules of the road; it will also bring you up to speed on new laws that may have been enacted since you took your driver’s exam in 1982.

Keep your system clean: How can you expect to make the most of your natural driving talents if they’re impaired alcohol? Maximize your abilities by choosing not to mix booze with driving; that way, you’ll be able to access 100 percent of your reflexes and decision making for accident avoidance.


Take a driving course: Most of us think we’re better drivers than we actually are, and the easiest remedy is to learn techniques from trained professionals, many of whom will quickly dispel your delusions. Driving schools offer all manner of curricula, from general performance driving to snow, or even rally-specific instruction.

Look where you want to go: Humans have an instinct to go where their eyes are looking, a tendency which can have disastrous effects on the road. Practice scanning your visual field when you’re driving, and you’ll keep your brain focused not only on key pieces of information like traffic lights and cross-traffic, but potential issues like that wavering station wagon in the left lane, or the pedestrian that just stepped off the curb.

Maintain a safety cushion: Situations unfold quickly when the flow of traffic is interrupted, and the best way to be prepared for sudden changes is by keeping a safe distance from the cars ahead. One easy trick is to add a car length for every 10 mph of speed; for example, if you’re going 50 mph, try to keep a five car length distance from the vehicle in front of you.


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